Friday, April 18, 2008


Approximately a week ago, Matt had an infection in one of the temporary closures of the incisions. This infection did not significantly affect Matt's leg. With antibiotic treatment and changing the closure, the infection was rendered harmless. After treating the infection, Matt had surgery late last week to permanently close the two remaining incisions. The surgery was successful. Matt continues to recover from the surgery nicely. Therapy and time are the two remaining hurdles for Matt. However, as of Friday, April 15, Matt will be coming home. Matt will be discharged at some point near the middle of the day. They will be making their way back to Somerville from Jackson. Matt will continue to need a significant amount of therapy to resume normal activities, which we know includes time spent playing golf. We surely look forward to seeing Matt in person in the near future. However, the Kelley's should be allowed a time to reacclimatize themselves with having Matt at home and their new schedule. Hopefully, more information will posted early next week regarding opportunities to visit or communicate with Matt. Until then, continue to leave your messages on this blog and check back for pictures later today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


On Monday, Matt was moved from his room on the dialysis floor of the hospital to the rehabilitation section of the hospital. This rehab center is located within the hospital complex itself. Matt has embraced this move as another step in the right direction of leaving this hospital. He will receive therapy several times throughout the day for a few hours each day. As a result of Matt's recent surgery, he has an added level of freedom to move about the rehab center in a wheelchair. Matt has enjoyed only fifteen minutes outside of the hospital since February 5. Matt anticipates some added mobility and opportunities to move outside the rehab center onto their patio. The four permanent incision closures have began to heal nicely. At this point, time will aid in the healing of Matt's incisions. However, he endures a significant amount of pain as a result of the skin graft procedures. In the coming weeks, doctors anticipate another skin graft procedure for the remaining two temporary incision closures. We should continue to pray for Matt's appetite to improve, his tolerance of pain from the skin grafts and his tolerance of pain from the therapy to be administered. Let us remain to committed for prayer on behalf of David, Candy and Christin.