Friday, March 14, 2008

Beware, The Ides of March

The ides of March should be embraced with guarded optimism. Matt's right leg appears to be nearing a normal size as swelling has diminished. The swelling in the left leg has been reduced. However, some significant swelling remains. Matt has not received dialysis treatment since March 4. Doctors believe Matt's kidneys are well on their way to recovery. However, the possibility of future dialysis exists and will be administered as needed. A visit from the surgical staff is expected on Friday to discuss the possibility of closure of incisions. This surgery may not be immediate. However, surgery is another step in the process of recovery. Matt has been sitting in a chair on a daily basis. All movement is closely assisted by physical therapists. Earlier in the week, Matt seized the opportunity to go outside in a wheelchair for fifteen minutes of fresh air. Matt tires quickly from any significant physical activity. Matt utilizes a walker when walking. However, his knees can easily be compared to spaghetti. Simply, Matt is learning to walk again. Matt has done this once in his life. Naturally, he does not remember this. He will remember this relearning of a perceived natural skill. Matt has some sensation in his right leg. He has limited sensation in the upper section of his right leg. His lower left leg does not have significant sensation. However, sensation should return when circulation to these extremities improves. On occasion, Matt is frustrated with the pace of improvement and recovery. He does remain committed to recovery at any pace. Let us give thanks for his recovery until now. We should also remain committed to consistent prayer for Matt's full recovery.


Randy Brison said...

Matt and family --
I'm a middle Tennessee high school golf coach and parent. My son, a senior in high school, is very interested in attending Union, so we learned of your situation from the school website.
I know what frustration it is to be cooped up in a hospital. I have a niece about Matt's age who's in a hospital with many of the same challenges.
I pray God gives all of you peace, joy and hope. As Matt heals, I pray God returns him to a place as a golfer and a person that is higher than the place he occupied before.
Peace, love, hope, faith,
Randy Brison

FlakyLMD said...

We do keep him prayer, let him know there are many keeping up with his progress and committed to praying for him for the duration! He will do this & be back to doing those things he loves. God Bless!

Corey and Melody Cain said...

Dear Kelley Family,
We've never met, however your family is in our prayers. My husband and I are Union alums. We have praised God that no lives were lost in the tornado, but continue to remember that your lives were greatly affected by the events of that night. Please know that as we pray for Union's rebuilding, we will not neglect praying for Matt and the others who are still struggling with recovery. God Bless You! Thank you for the updates...they help us pray more specifically!