Friday, March 28, 2008

The Downhill Run

Matt had a successful surgery on Wednesday afternoon to close the remaining six incisions. Four of the six were closed permanently with two incisions receiving temporary closures. Previously, Matt was aided in his recovery by wound vac systems, one for each incision. As of Wednesday evening, Matt does not use the wound vac systems anymore. This aspect of his treatment was a confining system and in use around the clock. These are additional steps in the long road to Matt's complete recovery. Matt has recovered from the surgery as we had hoped. However, his return to normal activities remains out there in the future. Skin grafts were necessary for the closure of his incisions. Matt's appetite and quantity of food consumption need to increase. His lower GI sustained a significant shock during his injuries on February 5. Matt remains unable to consume average quantities of food for meals or snacks. Matt might eat only half of a Subway sandwich. As you can imagine, this is typically not a problem for a college student to finish a whole sandwich and look for more. Please continue to pray for the many facets of Matt's recovery. Pray for no infections in the incision closures, his appetite and the therapy that continues. When the medical staff views Matt's recovery from surgery and overall condition to be satisfactory, they plan to move Matt to another floor within the hospital. This will be the rehabilitation portion of his recovery. Matt will be actively engaged in many efforts to strengthen his legs and coordinate his walking. Most of us have heard the quip, 'rehab is for quitters.' In Matt's condition, rehab is certainly not for quitters. Individually, we can be encouraged by Matt's daily battle with his own body to regain strength and activity as he had before the storms. Also, continue to remember the Kelley's in your prayers for Candy's strength, David's split life between Jackson and Somerville, and Christin's unpredictable schedule with school and family. It should be noted that Candy traveled back to Somerville last weekend to assist in preparations for the prom with Christin. As you might suspect, she enjoyed her time with Christin and equally anxious to get back to the business of Matt's treatment and recovery.


FlakyLMD said...

We are certianly continuing in prayer for Matt and the whole family. God is working!!

Wendy said...

I am so happy to hear you are doing better. We sure did miss you with Linsey on Easter. I was looking forward to see your smiling face and to get to mess w/ ya come. I hope your recovery keeps going strong. We love you

Wendy, Marcus, Cheyenne, and Palmer