Thursday, March 6, 2008

Unexpected Visitor

Progress is the adequate description for Matt's condition as of Thursday, March 6. Medical staff see a marginal decrease in the amount of swelling in Matt's left leg. As you would imagine, this is embraced as welcome news and an answer to much prayer. More good news arrives with the knowledge that Matt did not require assistance from dialysis on Thursday. He has received dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in recent weeks. However, Matt's kidneys have improved and did not require dialysis assistance for Thursday. Dialysis may be delayed only a day. However, this one day is a clear step forward. Matt continues to sit in a chair for meals and physical therapy. He was capable of standing with assistance on Wednesday and Thursday. Has this development exceeded our expectations from February 6? At this point, no infection has manifested itself in regular blood testing. Matt was visited early in the week by Dr. Frank Crawford, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Somerville, TN. However, all visitors were up-staged by a visit on Thursday evening by Dr. Curlin. Dr. Curlin will make the decision on Matt's progress and move from a private room to a rehabilitation regimen. Matt will not be making this move in the very near future. However, the process of recovery will continue for several additional weeks. Matt's voice continues to recover from a whisper to audible tones and inflection in his voice. As of today, Matt can set his sights on the rehab process that is nearly within his grasp. If steady consumption of a large bag of M&M's is any sign, we can be assured of seeing Matt swinging a club in the future. Let us remain obedient and committed to prayer for the Kelley's. May we hold firmly to the results of our prayer and the grace and mercy of our Lord. Specifically, continue to pray for Matt's kidney function and diminished swelling in his legs. As one aspect of Matt's condition improves, others will follow. Let us be faithful until the end with our prayers and quiet ministry to the Kelley family. Take these requests with you as you worship and give thanks to our Lord for his grace and mercy this weekend.

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chris p. said...

WOW!!! What an awesome report!!! Our God is so good!!! We know there is still a long road ahead for Matt. We will continue to pray for each small step towards complete recovery.