Monday, March 10, 2008

To The Door?

Matt remains independent of dialysis since last Tuesday. Assumptions of normal kidney function would be considered a bit premature. However, the progress is embraced and eagerly accepted. The swelling in Matt's legs continues its slow decline. The reduction in swelling is noticeable and measureable. Matt was exhausted after his physical therapy activities today. Therapists elevated Matt into a chair again. However, the most substantial improvement is walking with assistance to the door. Indeed, Matt did walk from the bed to the door today with careful assistance from therapists. His overall condition continues to improve. However, let us be guarded in our optimism. We can surely take the full measure of a slow recovery into account. May we be thankful for answered prayers. May we also be equally committed to prayer for Matt's full recovery.

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Jo-Ann & Colin Newton said...

Colin and I have been keeping up with Matt's progress from the very first day. We are so pleased to hear of each new step he has taken. Several of the women I work with ask about Matt often and I will share this blog page with them tomorrow. Matt is in our prayers all the time and his name is on the prayer list in many pulpits each Sunday. Praise to our Lord for each little step Matt takes in his recovery. God bless you all.
Jo-Ann & Colin Newton, Mason, TN