Thursday, March 20, 2008


Matt's progress continues to be very slow and somewhat methodical. Matt has remained independent of dialysis for a period exceeding two weeks. The swelling in his legs continues to decrease. However, the left leg remains swollen significantly. Pain is one source of discomfort for Matt in recent days. As the circulation in the lower extremitites improves, pain becomes increasingly difficult to endure. Matt does receive some regular pain medication. Matt's diet and food consumption continue to improve with each day. The Kelley's have consulted with the surgical staff about an impending surgery to close all six incisions. As of Wednesday, the 19th, surgeons anticipate scheduling a surgery for the middle of next week. A definitive date and time have not been set. As we know, this will consume a considerable amount of time due to the delicate nature of the procedure and the quantity of incisions to be closed. The other two incisions are healing nicely albeit slow paced. Matt's physical therapy continues to be a rigorous regimen of activity. Matt will be assisted in moving from the bed to a wheelchair or an armchair. Matt will make slow progress from his room and down the hall. Matt's legs do not bear a any significant amount of weight at this point. Most of Matt's walking is done with the aid of therapists. Matt uses a walker and relies on his arms for support. The sensation in his legs continues to improve. This will become increasingly helpful as he regains more substantive use of his legs. Matt has commented about his legs becoming a bit heavier and able to bear a slight load. However, the road leading to independent walking will surely be slow and difficult. Matt eats his meals seated in a chair in the room. The movement from prone positions to seated positions is steady and frequently painful. As each day draws to close, Matt is exhausted from the activities of the day. However, Matt does receive visits from family and his golf teammates. Matt's optimism and demeanor improve significantly when teammates update him with each day's practice results and weekly tournament results. The banter about missed putts or low scores stirs Matt's interest and participation in the conversation. Matt's physical battles ahead certainly loom large. However, the battle for Matt's mental health is certainly not questionable. Please continue to pray for Matt's impending surgery, David's and Candy's trepidation with the surgery and recovery ahead, and Matt's slow recovery after the surgery.

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FlakyLMD said...

We are praying faithfully! God is blessing and we can trust Him to do good for you!