Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Closer

Surgery is being considered for Matt later this week. The surgery will close the remaining 6 incisions on his legs. Candy has remarked about Matt's leg and about seeing his kneecap on his left leg. However, as one would expect with any invasive procedure, surgery can be an unpredictable event. Let us pray for Matt's successful surgery and the recovery to follow. Please pray specifically for infection to be no problem with this procedure. The surgical staff has included a plastic surgeon in preparation for these procedures. Considering the nature of Matt's injuries and treatment with incisions, a skin graft might be necessary. Matt continues to be very weak and lacks stamina for his therapy and other aspects of treatment. Matt's stomach has yet to regain its original abilities to consume and digest food compared to the time prior to the storms. Please remember the Kelley family during this week and the impending treatment. When the medical staff is satisfied with the recovery from surger, Matt may be moving to the rehabilitation phase very soon. The rehabilitation center is located within the hospital. Preliminary estimates for Matt's move to the rehab center would be approximately one week after surger. However, this may change contingent upon Matt's recovery.

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Sharon Harrison said...

We are still praying for you here in Memphis..Tell your mom hi for me..

Sharon Harrison
Kevin's aunt