Monday, February 18, 2008

Answers to Prayers

As of this morning, Feb. 18, Matt has some improved kidney function. However, his kidneys continue to receive dialysis assistance 3 days each week. This past week, Matt's white blood cell count was elevated indicating the presence of some infection. As of this morning, the white blood cells have decreased some due to Matt's receiving antibiotics. Matt has been moving his legs ever so slightly and delicately in recent days. This is very hopeful news of the recovery for which we are all praying. Matt should be having surgery in the next few days to close the incisions that helped relieve the swelling and pressure resulting from his crush injuries. Matt has already started some mild physical therapy to begin a portion of the rehab process for his legs. On several occasions, he has asked Candy to 'stretch my muscles the way the therapist does.' As a result of the many prayers for Matt's need for nutrition, Matt's Monday morning breakfast included scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. As we are blessed with Matt's improvement until now, the road ahead is very long and somewhat uncertain. Some of the improvements may appear to be small steps in the right direction. However, they are very large steps when considering the nature of injuries and the level of trauma endured. Please continue to remember David and Candy during the stress of caring for their family. Please pray for rest as it may be permitted for Candy as she remains at the hospital nearly all day, every day. Let us thank God for Matt's optimism and resiliency to this point.


Laurie said...

Matt keep up the improving. You know you,Christin,your mom and dad mean so much to me and my family. You are always in my prayers.
Love you all
Laurie Rhea and family

Victoria Crawford said...
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