Friday, February 29, 2008

No Leaps, Yet

Matt felt some discomfort in his abdomen yesterday. David spent the day with Matt allowing Candy to rest and recover at the courtesy home provided by the hospital. Matt's kidneys have not improved significantly in the most recent few days. A team of physical therapists continue to work with his legs. The therapists get Matt up from the bed and into the chair. Matt has remarked about feeling the floor under his right foot. This should be considered an answer to our prayers. However, feeling and sensation in the left leg and foot has not returned. Medical staff views this lack of sensation as reasonably normal due to the swelling that remains in the left leg. When swelling retreats, sensation should return. Matt continues to eat reasonably well and regularly. The Kelley's have expressed much appreciation for continued prayer for Matt's recovery. We can take comfort and satisfaction in knowing our prayers have directly contributed to the success of Matt's recovery until now. However, as we are learning, Matt's recovery will continue to be a slow and very deliberate process. We continue to be reminded of the definition of slow recovery and a long recovery. Let us also be encouraged to be steadfast in our prayers on Matt's behalf. Prayer will continue to be the undergirding portion of Matt's recovery. Specific prayers are needed for the success of the physical therapy, decreased swelling and improved kidney function. Due to a recent rotation of close family members keeping vigil with Matt, Candy has been getting more rest. David believes he is approaching full recovery from his recent cold. As previously stated, Matt has been moved from Critical Care to room 6117 within the area of specific treatment for kidneys and dialysis. Please carry the prayers with you to church as you worship this weekend. We have traveled a great distance in the past 24 days. However, the journey ahead will prove to be even longer.

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dot30 said...

Matt, you do not know me but I am Leigh Ann's grandmother-in-law. I have been keeping up with you through her. My church has been ask to keep you on their prayer list as well as my sunday school class in Vidalia, Ga
May God be a blessing to you and your family. Praying for the day you can go home and back to school. Dot Brown