Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Long?

Is it possible that the destructive storms of Feb. 5 were only two weeks ago? Two weeks seem like an eternity. However, this morning Candy and Matt were visited by the surgeon who will be closing the incisions on Matt's legs. The surgeon prefers to wait just a little longer to allow for more removal of fluid that has caused Matt's legs to swell. Apparently, Matt's left leg was injured somewhat more severely that his right leg. However, good news was received from the results of MRI completed within recent days. Images DO NOT show any damaged tissue that should not recover completely. Yes, all of the tissue in Matt's legs should recover completely. David and Linsey made a visit to Jackson yesterday afternoon after work and school. David was able to bring Matt some potatoe soup from O'Charley's. Matt has also been able to eat a few chicken nuggets from McDonald's. Nutrition continues to be a concern for Matt. We can consider Matt's consumption of 'regular food' as a small victory in the long recovery process. Matt also drank a portion of a milkshake earlier today. The quantities of food from outside the hospital is very minimal. Matt's white blood cell numbers continue to slowly decline. This number was 31 earlier today. We are looking for a number in the 5 - 10 range. The highest number was 37 over the weekend. Kidney function is improving a bit. However, Matt continues to receive dialysis as previously posted. Early reports immediately following the injuries were estimating time in the ICU to be approximately 2 weeks. However, it is safe to consider that duration to be marginally longer. Matt has his expectations fixed upon moving to another step in the treatment and recovery process. May we pray that Matt, David, Candy and Christin will continue to have strength to endure a treatment and recovery process that will be very taxing upon their patience. Typically, we consider a slow recovery to be a matter of weeks. However, Matt's complete recovery is likely to consume several months. Let us pray for the skill and discernment of the medical staff treating Matt. As concerned family and friends, we will need patience and endurance to accompany the Kelley's through the recovery process with diligent prayer at every step of the way. Earlier today, David relayed concerns from the medical staff and family to limit 'in room' visitation to immediate family only. The Kelley's appreciate prayers, concerns, and love that has been expressed by many family, friends, and community members. However, the concerns about visitation are in the best interest of Matt's complete and a more rapid recovery. As readers of this blog, would it be possible for all of us to take up noon, 12:00 CST, each day to remember Matt in brief prayer? This would be during the traditional lunch hour. However, we can be assured that many others will be pausing at the same time each day to intercede with our Lord on Matt's behalf.

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