Friday, February 15, 2008

Specific Requests

David & Candy have asked for specific prayers for healing to Matt's stomach. As you may know, most of Matt's injuries were internal injuries. As such, Matt's ability to consume solid food has been very limited. The Kelley's have asked for specific prayers for Matt's ability to take food orally to aid in his overall nutrition and health. Matt's stomach has not permitted him to consume an abundance of food of any kind by mouth. Some of this results directly from his injuries and indirectly from the medications he is receiving for his overall treatment. Also, an increased level of health and nutrition will make healing faster and easier, especially if any further invasive procedures are needed which are not planned at this time. Please carry these requests and others with you to church as you worship this weekend. Let us also be thankful for God's miracles, His provision, His mercy, His grace and His sovereignty in our lives.

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Courtney German said...

Hey Matt!
I was in shock when I found out that you were one of those trapped. It gave me chills. But I am so glad to know that your doing fine. I have been keeping in touch with everyone including your Grandmother, Mrs. Ruby. She was in the pharmacy where I work just a few days ago. I asked her how you were doing, and she started crying and told me that God saved you. So, I started tearing up and told her that I had went to school for 13 years. She told me that she would tell you that I asked about you. But I also wanted to tell you myself. My family & I have been praying for your recovery. If you or your family needs anything, y'all know where to find me. Love you!