Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

Matt has had a pretty good weekend. He overall strength has diminished some. However, he is ever agreeable and willing to engage in his physical therapy and medical treatment. Doctors have started requesting Matt eat a certain quantity of food to provide strength and nutrition. Matt's white blood cell count has fallen to 14. We are looking for numbers in the 5-10 range. Matt had 2 incisions closed on Friday with 6 remaining. The incisions closed were on the inside of the right leg, upper and lower. The left leg remains swollen more signifcantly than the swelling in the right leg. Kidney function continues to be a concern as improvement is marginal at best. Improved kidney function would greatly enhance the recovery of the leg injuries. Also, the recovery of the legs would be conducive to a more rapid return of normal kidney function. Dialysis continues to be prescribed three days each week. Matt has enjoyed soups and sandwiches from outside the hospital and continues to do so. David informs us that Candy did receive a little rest this weekend.

Many prayers were lifted at churches in our community and from afar this weekend. However, at First Baptist of Somerville, TN, several individual prayers were lifted during a time of children's devotion in the morning worship service. The blessing was ours to hear children ranging in age from 4 -8 lift specific prayers for Matt's legs. The children mentioned Matt specifically asking our Lord 'to heal his legs.' Without doubt, our children are hearing our prayers and offering prayers of their own. Let us continue to be faithful each day at noon in breaking from our busy schedule for a brief moment of prayers on Matt's behalf. Specifically, we should pray for healing to Matt's legs and decreased swelling there. We should also pray for healing in Matt's kidneys.

Let us not be misled by the optimism in this blog that Matt's condition is anything other than critical and serious. We claim the little victories and embrace the recovery for which we are hoping and praying. Many of us desire to make a physical and tangible contribution to Matt's recovery. However, at the present time, let us be resolved to be faithful in our prayers of intercession for Matt and the Kelley family.

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