Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally Friday

Matt has been in surgery through the middle of the day today, Feb. 22. Surgical staff will be working to close the open incisions in Matt's right leg and possibly some on the left leg. Physicians are not satisfied with the progress of the swelling of the left leg to completely close all incisions yet. We should consider prayers to be answered related to Matt's right leg healing. We can give thanks for the report ealier this week that no permanent tissue damage has been found. David has spent all day in Jackson with Candy awaiting completion of the surgery and a report from the surgical staff. Matt continues to shoot hoops into his small 'nerf goal' while passing the hours in the hospital. We should spend our time in prayer this weekend for the recovery of Matt's legs, the hours/ days after surgery, keeping out infection and any residual swelling. Specifically, pray for Matt's left leg to drain fluid and decrease in swelling to allow for closure of incisions as soon as possible. Please pray for Matt's patience as he takes inventory of the long road ahead. Please continue to pray for healing and increased function from Matt's kidneys. All of Matt's body continues to gain some strength and recover from nothing less that monumental trauma injuries. Take time this weekend to give thanks for God's provision in Matt's recovery and worship Him for His compassion, grace and mercy. Let us thank Him for being our Great Physician. Pray for the Kelley family's time together this weekend. Pray for a peaceful and enjoyable family time although it will be spent in a hospital. Check back again this weekend for update from surgery when they are available.


Glenn & Wanda Miller said...

David & Candy, We just wanted you guys to know that Matt and the whole family are in our thoughts and prayers daily. This allows us to not feel we are intruding on nap times, visit times, or simply having you repeat Matt's status so many times. The blog is so helpful. We are pleased for so many answered prayers at this time. Glenn & Wanda

Valerie said...

We just wanted to let you know that you are all in our prayers. We are grateful to God for the healing He has provided so far for Matt, and we trust Him to give Matt complete healing! It will be in His time. We are here if you need us. If you need us to feed the dog so you don't have to run home or anything else you might need, feel free to call us. We are here to help in anyway you need! Al & Valerie Green 834-3250 or 51