Saturday, February 23, 2008

Successful Surgery

Matt's surgery was completed shortly before 4:00PM on Friday afternoon. Surgery was successful to close 2 of 8 total incisions. Swelling had not decreased enough to adequately justify closure of the remaining incisions. The relief of swelling is somewhat related to kidney function. Matt is dealing with a considerable amount of pain which is expected. Matt remains heavily sedated during the recovery period immediately following surgery. Let us pray for Matt's pain, improved kidney fuction, decreased swelling and rest for the Kelley's. May we also search for God's purpose in all the events of the storms and the days that have followed. We will worship Him on Sunday for His guiding Matt through His recovery.


chris p. said...

Our family has been praying for Matthew since watching the events unfold on Feb.5th. We didn't realize that he was David and Candy's son. Even more prayer warriors have been called up for duty. Our family knows what it is like to sit in a hospital with daily bad news. We have also experienced miracles. You don't want to hear about God's plan when you are in the hospital. You just want Matthew to be alright. I know y'all are tired and it totally sucks right now. You will make it through this.

FlakyLMD said...

Wanting all oif you to know we keep faithfully at the prayers. Hang in there Matt! FlakyLMD akas Lisa D