Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayer Works

Matt was able to enjoy this morning's breakfast from a chair instead of the bed. Matt's food consumption continues to improve on a daily basis. His kidney function has not improved to a measurable degree since yesterday. David mentioned a phone conversation with Matt this morning. Matt was able to speak a little more audibly and clearly on the phone. Until now, his speaking was little more than a whisper. This is due to Matt's injury to his abdomen and soreness in the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. As of yesterday afternoon, Matt did take up the issue of the UT vs. Vandy game from last night with Candy. As you know, Candy enjoys talking basketball. David's brother, Tommy, is spending the day in Jackson with Matt. Typically, this would allow Candy to rest. However, time for rest will come when they are situated into a private room. As of this afternoon, Matt is moving from the Critical Care Unit to a private room. Most likely, Matt will be moved to an area of the hospital with a specialty in dialysis treatment and care. Details of room number are unavailable at this time. Considering our gratitude and relief with this news, rest and recovery remain the primary focus for Matt and the Kelley's. The Kelley's look forward to a visit with all friends once Matt has been released or substantive improvement permits visitation. At this time, visitation would be best if delayed until such time as Matt's condition will permit. A private room does not translate into the fast track of recovery. Simply, this is another step in the process to a slow and complete recovery. Earlier this morning, Candy expressed concerns of people forgetting to pray for Matt's kidneys and legs. She was given the reassurance of our prayers each day at noon as we break from our schedules to pray for Matt. It has been suggested by some that Christians do not believe in prayer. If they did, they would be faithful in prayer. Let us be encouraged by answers to our prayers. Let us take notice of specific answers to them. Let us believe in the power of prayer and remember the result of it. Surely, this is an example of God's favor toward His people when they are obedient and faithful. Our commitment to prayer must not waver in these moments of thanksgiving. Let us remain commited to prayer even when life is good and getting better.


John and Cindy Treadway said...

David, Candy, Matt, Christin,
We are so glad to hear the news of Matt moving to a room. We continue to lift each of you up in prayer daily and pray especially for the healing of Matt's legs and stomach. "Miss Mary" is doing a great job of keeping us informed. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

John and Cindy Treadway

Debby Chandler said...

Dear Candy,
My name is Debby (Hosse) Chandler and I played on the basketball team with you at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing. I hope you remember me. I am friends with Jason Kasper's mom and through the recovery.blogspot site I learned of Matt and his injuries. I have been praying daily for him and your family and will continue to lift you up often. Thank you and David for your testimony of God's strength. I know He is good all the time, in calm times and difficult times. Debby Chandler

Mike & Debbie Kaspar said...

So good to hear you'll be moving to a private room. It will be so nice to be able to be together so much more. After having to spend hours in the mass waiting room, this will seem like a private suite! We are continuing to pray for Matt and your family.

Mike, Debbie and Jason Kaspar

Kathy Morgan said...

Hi Candy, David, Christin and Matt. I just wanted to let you know that although we have not been to the hospital, our prayers have been with you daily. We know the stress caused by ICU waiting, as you well know, and we know that even though you appreciate people, you need the time to be just you and family. Our prayers will continue to be with you. We miss seeing you at church, and David we miss you in the choir. Give our love to Matt. Our prayers are constant, you can be sure of that.
Kathy and Travis Morgan