Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week #3

There is news of more little victories from Jackson, TN today. Matt's white blood cell count is down to 19. Most definitely, we shall consider this to be an answer to prayer. However, our job of prayer is not complete. Matt continues to receive food that is more palatable than hospital food. He has eaten more potatoe soup, a small portion of a Subway sandwich and some of the food provided by the hospital's food service. Matt has also been able to drink a small amount of Sprite and some sweet tea from Chic-fil-a. He is receiving daily treatment from physical therapists in the hospital. He is working a large rubber band to maintain some upper body strength. Kidney function continues to be a concern. However, daily improvement in kidney function is not particularly substantial. Hope for the possibility of surgery to close Matt's leg incisions exists for later this week. The left leg has not improved to the same level as that of the right leg. May we remember Matt's frustration with the slow recovery. We all live in a time of immediate satisfaction. As we know, Matt's recovery will be very slow. We should pray for more patience for the Kelley's and ourselves. Let us all thank our Lord for His answers to prayers, specifically Matt's white blood cell levels. Let us hope for our own commitment to daily prayer at noon for Matt. We should also say specific prayers for students resuming their semester classes at Union University today. We believe nothing less than a miracle is being completed as Matt's recovery begins to take shape. If we ever thought 'seeing is believing,' this is it.

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