Thursday, February 21, 2008

Union, Dearest Union

Day 16 is much the same as the fifteen before. Kidney function is steady and improving ever so slightly. Dialysis continues three times each week. Matt has a small 'nerf-style' basketball goal in the room in CCU. Shooting hoops helps to pass the time. We should be safe to assume Matt's room in CCU is a bit unorthodox. It puts a different spin on Critical Care Unit. Matt's left leg, the more severely injured of the two, remains swollen more than the right. The medical staff would prefer to see this swelling diminish before closing the incisions on the legs. We can be encouraged to know the medical staff is somewhat satisfied with the progress of the right leg. However, at this point, their preference is to close all incisions with one proceedure. Perhaps, we will receive better news tomorrow. Matt's diet is much of the same with soup, light sandwich fare and beverages other than water. Of course, David's and Candy's insurance plan provides meals from the hospital. We know the nutritional quality of those meals is good. We have doubts about the tastiness of those hospital meals. In light of a substantial change from yesterday's report, let us remain committed to prayer and hope. When we pray, specific prayers are needed for Matt's left leg. Pray for the swelling to diminish and the surgery that will be coming soon. Christin has a basketball game in Jackson this weekend. David is hopeful to spend some family time with Matt, Candy and Christin after the game. For those that may not know, the hospital owns a single family home across the street from the hospital. This house is used for out of town families keeping vigil in the CCU. The hospital has offered this to Candy. The Kelley's are the only family using this house for now. Candy has been able to catch a few brief naps while staying with Matt. David plans to spend the night with Matt and allow Candy to go to the guest house for some needed rest. David and Candy certainly appreciate your prayers and are happy to know we are finding a brief prayer time each day at noon.

Yesterday, David mentioned how compassionately and faithfully they have been ministered to by Union University staff and faculty. David talks daily with Dr. George Guthrie, Christian Studies professor, regarding Matt's progress. Dr. Guthrie has been an ad hoc liason for the university. David has spoken to Dr. Guthrie daily since Wednesday, the 6th. Literally, a multitude of Union faculty and staff visited the Kelley's during the first week. Dr. Dockery and his wife, Lanese, have been regularly contacting David and Candy to track Matt's progress and recovery. Many of Matt's current and former professors visited the hospital in the early days of Matt's recovery. Needless to say, the outpouring of love, care and concern has been appreciated. David and Candy have mentioned their clear understanding of the depth and quality of Matt's education from Union University. David and Candy have mentioned their satisfaction with Matt attending Union and the relationships that have been established there. Without doubt, this concern, love, and personal attention is most difficult to find at most other colleges and universities.

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Dolores Gresham said...

Each morning as we meet in my office in Nashville for morning prayer, we remember all the lawmakers who work for the people of Tennessee. We remember all the families touched by the tornadoes which ravaged our state and we especially remember Matt Kelley and his family and all the students and faculty of Union University in their journey to healing.
God's Blessings,
Dolores Gresham