Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Optimism and Answered Prayers

Nearly one week after storms trapped Matt on Union's campus, Matt's condition is improving. He is optimistic and eagerly anticipating the recovery that is sure to be a long one. However, far as it might appear at this point, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, Matt made comments to family members that he 'just might get out of here.' As Matt's body begins to recover from a catastrophic event and injuries he sustained, there is good improvement and optimism from Matt's family, his doctors, and himself. Without a doubt, prayers have been answered and are being answered as Matt's recovery begins to take shape. The Kelley family expresses appreciation for prayers and requests continued prayer. Although Matt's condition is improving, doctors and family members believe visitation should be minimal.


tonya said...

hey matt,
a couple of times a year your grandmother and sarah belle (miss day) come and visit my family in east tennessee. we love her so much and she has told us lots about you. our family has been praying for you. we have asked our church to pray for you as well. our 11 year old son, josh, has been asking all of his friends to pray for you. he's been very interested in how your recovery is coming along. we'll keep checking in and praying for you.

Lorna Dixon said...

Hello Matt,
I am an Aunt of Jason Kaspar. My family is also praying for you and your family. Our prayers are that you have a speedy recovery and handle the challenges as they come up. With HIS love, Lorna Dixon and family