Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slow and Steady

Thursday, February 14, is day 9 of the long and difficult task of recovery for Matt. As you might imagine, Matt has some good days and some bad. Some days are a mixture of both. Hopefully, this blog will become a mechanism by which the Kelley family can disseminate information about Matt's condition on a regular basis. This should provide updates to all who have called and cannot reach Candy, David or others. Also, hopefully, this will be an efficient platform by which information can be shared and allow Candy & David to focus all of their effort, energy, and love with Matt and their immediate family.

Matt has shown some improvement in kidney function. As we all know, the injuries to Matt's legs were the indirect cause of the shutdown of Matt's kidneys. The toxins and bi-products of the crush injury to Matt's legs were sent directly to his kidneys upon extrication from the debris. As of Tuesday, Matt's kidneys have shown very minor signs of recovery and function. This is a small step and sign of recovery. However, it is a welcome sign of the progress for which you are praying. Matt will continue with dialysis for the immediate future until a time in which kidney function is more definite and sustainable. Also, Matt has had some movement in his legs that is a definite sign of a hopeful recovery. It is difficult to understand how such an injury and trauma to Matt's body yielded no broken bones. The only skeletal injury was a very small fracture to a vertebrae in the lower lumbar section of Matt's back. This fracture appears to be of little concern to the medical staff with regard to lasting effects.

Please continue to check this blog frequently for more updates. Please pass this web address along to others who may be concerned. Specifically, please pray for rest and comfort for David, Candy and Christin as well as the rest of the Kelley family. Pray for the restored function to Matt's kidneys, his legs, and healing of the fractured vertebrae. Soon after David and Candy met Matt at the hospital, Matt asked about the condition of Union's campus. Please pray for Union's recovery, others affected by the storms in Jackson, and other students that remain hospitalized. Also, please pray for families that have experienced a loss of life, home, or possessions in other areas such as Memphis, Middle TN, North MS, etc.

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Camille said...

Matt and family,
I just wanted you to know that my family and I continue to pray for Matt's healing every day. My brother, Scott, is a soccer coach at Union, and we began praying for Matt immediately after the storm. We continue to lift him up for healing, and expect and await the Lord to work in his body.